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Lexi Chow


Lexi Chow is a visionary and Digital Streaming Executive. Chow founded,Caribbean On Demand, All In One Place ("CODA") an OTT Caribbean streamingplatform. She has created a market for the Caribbean diaspora for agroundbreaking new streaming network CODA she founded that represents thevoice of Caribbean culture. As CEO she is responsible for streamlining the newplatform that she considers a valuable market in the way consumers digestauthentic cultural content across the diaspora. She has an extensive and diversebackground in film and music. Lexi has worked with brands like Hasbro Studios,Paramount Pictures and FOX Sports. Chow has a dynamic background in contentcreation, operations and tech development in film and entertainment. Retainingher experiences in entertainment, media and tech, Her committment to being astakeholder in the OTT streaming universe is unrivaled with her passion anddedication to championing inclusion for the Caribbean diaspora globally. 



Chow, is the creator behind a dynamic portfolio of her own unique brands andcurated experiences. As a trendsetting innovator of eco-lux wellness andculturally inspired products that reflect her Jamaican Chinese heritage. The new venture embraces her global and Caribbean roots in a singular network ofcomplimentary brands. 

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