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Colin Gayle


Colin Gayle is a visionary entrepreneur who specializes in bridging the gap between African culture and
global markets. He is the founder of Africa Creative Agency (ACA), where he focuses on strategic branding
and utilizing various mediums like content, live events, and social engineering to elevate the cultural profile
of Africa.

Mr. Gayle's journey in Africa began in 2004, leveraging his extensive experience in music, media,
television, and film. He facilitated the introduction of numerous entertainers and brands to the continent,
making significant contributions to the cultural landscape. Some of his notable initiatives include organizing
the launch of the 2010 World Cup Inaugural Event, bringing 50 Cent to Mozambique and South Africa for a
tour that culminated in a meeting with Nelson Mandela, rebranding South African Broadcasting Corporation
(SABC) with global performers, and hosting T.D. Jakes Mega Fest in South Africa. He also orchestrated
successful collaborations between American comedian DeRay Davis and African comedian Basketmouth,
among other accomplishments.

In 2015, Mr. Gayle worked with Coca-Cola to integrate R&B artist Ne-Yo into the African music scene
through the popular show Coke Studio Africa. Ne-Yo collaborated with musicians from Kenya, Tanzania,
Uganda, Mozambique, and Nigeria, creating a "mega-mashup" that showcased the global harmony
achieved through cross-cultural collaborations.

In 2016, he played a pivotal role in expanding Essence magazine's presence in Africa by introducing both
the publication and the first Essence Music Festival in Durban. Mr. Gayle holds prominent positions as
Chief Content Officer and Head of Performance Marketing Strategies at Fuse Advertising and GFNTV,
where he oversees advertising campaigns for notable brands such as Hyundai and Charter Communications, and he is now paving the way for these brands to establish a presence in Africa.

Prior to his work in Africa, Mr. Gayle had a successful career in the music industry. He established his
music and artist management firm, Rhythm Jazz Marketing, in 1994, representing renowned artists and
producers like Jill Scott, Kenny Lattimore, Adriana Evans, Vidal Davis, and Andre Davis. He expanded his
reach by collaborating with Warner Urban Music to enter the European and Asian markets, further
enhancing the profiles of artists like Madonna, Eric Benet, and Jaheim. In 2003, he served as the General
Manager of International Marketing and Global Branding for 50 Cent and the G-Unit brand in Europe and
Asia, overseeing various ventures such as G-Unit Reebok Sneakers, Formula 50/Vitamin Water, the movie
Get Rich or Die Tryin', and G-Unit clothing.

Colin Gayle's diverse background and extensive experience have contributed to his holistic approach and
comprehensive understanding of global markets and African culture. Born in London to Jamaican parents,
he attended Stockton State University in New Jersey in 1985 and subsequently built a successful career in
corporate America before transitioning to the music industry. His passion for Africa and his ability to merge
different cultural perspectives have made him a prominent figure in the realm of African cultural branding
and market development.

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