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Delano Thomas


Delano Thomas is a multi-faceted music executive, founder, DJ, Sound system Owner, Producer, Musician, Promoter, Consultant, and Event Production Company owner with a rich background in the dancehall and reggae music scene. As the CEO and selector of Renaissance Disco, Thomas has curated a unique sound that has resonated with audiences globally, earning him international recognition and numerous awards. Thomas is also recognized as a Billboard Hot 100 Charting producer, RIAA Platinum certified, and ASCAP awardee.

Thomas's influence extends beyond the turntables. He has fostered a culture-bridging movement through Renaissance Disco, emphasizing the importance of organic relationships and forward-thinking development throughout the Caribbean and Black diaspora. As an Educator, he has served as a training facilitator for DJ Academy Jamaica program, provided by TEF, and now certified by the London Board and administered through HEART Trust NTA .

Born and raised in Jamaica, Thomas's passion for music was ignited at a young age. His father, an Electrical Engineer and sound system owner, served as a significant influence, inspiring Thomas to pursue his creative passions in the music business. His journey from a DJ to a renowned music executive has been marked by a dedication to advocating for artists in a positive, progressive, and holistic manner. Thomas's goal continues to be cultivating a sense of community within the industry, working alongside creatives who share in the passion and belief that music can help heal the world.

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