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John King


As a fresh faced eighteen year old with no musical training "Johnny Ma Boy "set out on a mission to let his voice and unique point of view be heard through music. Entering the Calypso arena and making strides as a two time monarch, a perennial finalist and a songwriter he realised that something was missing by only showcasing himself during the Crop Over festival.

To reach his goal of taking himself and his music beyond the shores Barbados, he decided to drop the stage name, rebrand and expand his musical repetoire to embrace every genre possible. Bold and steadfast in his belief that the human being is not limited, he challenged the wisdom of the day that suggested up until this day that the artiste for marketing purposes must fit into a particular category. This versatile singer/ songwriter has broken every unwritten rule and has recorded and performed the most diverse array of music other than the Legendary Jackie Opel. John King has lent his talents to every major cause over the years and continues to challenge himself to use his god given talents to better the lives of others. He lives by the motto "The wrong thing to do is nothing”.

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