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Kikora was born in Guadeloupe, after 3 years of studies in Paris, she left to pursue them in London and settled there for 19 years, then in Nigeria and the USA. From an early age, she was very quickly influenced by the Entertainment life style. At 3yrs old she started with Ballet, then Modern Jazz Contemporain Dance while learning to play piano and modelling. Fluent in English French Creole Spanish with basic German, her professional marketing and promotional career also lead her into the world of TV. Seminar host in London, Exhibitions in Europe & Africa. She returned to her native island of Guadeloupe where she immerses herself in nature discovered her Voice and her Love for Music, TV and Radio.She has worked for Guadeloupe la 1ere Radio for the past years.

During her previous career, Kikora was able to travel through different countries and feed her love for communication and exchange. Caribbean to her Heart & Soul, still one of her favorite reply is also when asked where she is from ? "I am from Planet Earth!" Why? " Because of It's Beauty and Diversity. When you travel you learn, exchange and evolve." Which is why she decided to create this radio show, first, Moun Karaib and then Caribbean Groove. A show in English, Creole & French with a touch of spanish, in which Kikora makes us discover or rediscover the different vibrant Caribbean Islands. Talking about their common while different History, Culture, Music, Art, Food, Habits, and Cultural Events. She interviews Artists from across Caribbean and overseas. Her Enthusiasm, Passion, Tone of voice makes us travel just by listening.

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