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Lavbbe discovered her passion for music and dance since she was just a child. Her first belly dancer costume was a special present from her grandma and her talent moved everybody around her. Shortly after, she became a TikTok star that gathered more than 4,6 million followers and tens of millions of likes. At 15 years old, Lavbbe moved from Romania to UK to continue her studies at Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Inspired by the experience of the world's great dancers, she attended contemporary dance, acting and singing classes for one year.
She took a break from her dancing routine but in 2020, once the lockdown begun, Lavbbe started to create different videos on TikTok and started dance from morning to evening. In just a few months, she gathered on her TikTok page a large community of fans that admired her exotic dance styles and in just one year, she reached 1 million followers on TikTok and became an influencer sought by the great labels in Africa and not only. Her effervescent dance moves went viral and aroused countless reactions and comments on the platform and now she has more than 4,6 million fans.
For Lavbbe, the lockdown was a trully epiphany and a rediscovery period of time. After the lockdown, due to her workplace, she visited a lot of places like New York, L.A., Nigeria, but her musical journey began a few months ago when Costi Ionita, the romanian hitmaker who was nominated for the second time in his life for two years at the Grammy Awards, discovered her on TikTok.

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