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Naro Hart


Orane 'Naro' Hart is the kind of person who knows what he wants and goes after it. His self-given nickname is a testament to that spirit. A graduate from the University of Technology with a degree in Communications Art and Technology, Naro prides himself on speaking his mind, no matter the fallout.

His fearlessness, drive and confidence are why Naro shines on the popular radio/internet show The Fix (formerly Nightly Fix). He brings the shock factor in his interviews with his to-thepoint questioning style and carefree attitude as to whether guests like him or not.

Nightly Fix wasn’t Naro’s first radio gig; he created and hosted his own programme on SunCity Radio called 'Xtra-Time with Naro' and as the name suggests, it was a programmed that catered to his love for the sport of football. The former Wolmerian also did a stint as an intern at the Gleaner as a sportswriter where he landed a number of first page stories during his brief but impactful time at the newspaper.

Unapologetically honest yet charming, Naro's brash personality, coupled with his quick wit and dry humour, makes him a stand out in the local media landscape.

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