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Nigel Telesford


Nigel Telesford is an excellent writer with over twenty years of experience in print journalism and two years in television reporting, copywriting and P.R.

Machel Montano HD – The Return campaign (2010 - 2011)

The Ministry of Science and Technology – (2012 – 2016: coverage
and publication of various events and initiatives)

Junior Sammy Group of Companies –(specific placements and
promotion of affiliated businesses (2013 – present)

Kes The Band – (2013 - present: Official Publicist, Carnival promotion
annually and coverage of specific international events)

SuperPharm Limited –(Diego Martin branch opening coverage and
promotion; Presto Fresh Selects promotion)

Woodford Café Restaurant – (2009 – 2016: general promotion of
brand in the media)

Rent-A-Amp – (Carnival feature publications)

3canal – (2009 - 2016: annual Carnival promotions and interview

TSTT/bmobile – (2011 - 2016: bsquare live stream production,
promotion of various sponsored events and initiatives)

Fantasy/Entice Carnival Mas Bands – (2011 - present: full media
management and promotion)

The Ministry of Tourism –(2010 – 2013: coverage and publication of
various events and initiatives)

Mas Sanctuary Ltd– (2013 - 2015: complete coverage and promotion
of “Big Friday” King and Queen of Carnival competition event)

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