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ZJ Liquid


ZJ Liquid is a versatile artist who seamlessly flows through multiple roles such as selector, radio personality, producer, MC and artist. His new album, Mobay Son, showcases his versatility as a respected lyricist. Liquid has come a long way by overcoming all resistance along the way. Despite some people's criticism that he does too much, Liquid believes that he has been blessed to do it all. He started as "Lippo" in Montego Bay, where he used to hold a vibes every Wednesday at Pier One, chatting on the mic with various local sound systems. He got his big break on Hot 102 radio in MoBay, and took the name Liquid when he moved to Kingston with the inception of Zip. Since then, he has evolved into more than just an internationally known DJ. He is also a top producer and a hit-making artist in his own right. He established the H20 label in 2004 with the French Vanilla riddim, and has emerged as one of Jamaica's top producers, with top riddims like "Good Book" and "Fix Up" running the dancehall. Mobay Son is here to cement his legacy as an artist deserving of maximum respect in all aspects.

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