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What is IMC?

Under the theme “Cari Culture” the IMC’s convergence of global top brass practitioners will facilitate discussion on commercial success, organic movement and genre-bonding opportunities. Building global music bridges, mastering platforms, the journey from creation to collection & money and asset management are also on the table. Music professionals will share experiences, forge alliances, expand knowledge base, expose new music and talent, and connect with the heartbeat of the global industry.

Days 2 – 5 of the Conference are key-note and panel driven with leading music executives and practitioners demystifying and giving tips and insights into key topics of post pandemic strategy and innovation including:

▪Monetizing post pandemic

▪New Live concert formats

▪Changing content for a changing world

▪The DSP strategy

▪Identifying and fixing the disconnects

▪Reggae to the World, without Jamaica?

The IMC boasts Over 15 Panels & workshops! IMC Showcases! Music Fashion Night Out! Caribbean Film and Film with the music! And All-day Markets Every day! In the creative Capital!

Shaggy – “There is music business but there is also the business of music & we need to learn that part… I am telling you 100% that if I knew then what I know now I would be so much farther along. I’m so happy to pull on my international contacts to do this conference in the Caribbean for the development of the music”

Judith Bodley – “I’ve Dedicated my entire life to empowering music’s voice. Caribbean Music will resonate in the right ears at the IMC and make way for the new music stories.”

Sharon Burke – “I’m committed to music development. The IMC is a dream of building global music bridges from the Caribbean, in action.”

IMC content is geared at Caribbean growth in the international music industry and helping participants navigate and overcome challenges. Each annual conference will address a music business -glossary of terms and FAQs. See you at the conference 2023!

Official website:


Social Media: @islandmusicconference

IMC/SOLID AGENCY Co. / BURKE BODLEY Ltd - 1 876 469 4005 / 1 876 367 2588

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